Now there’s readers, and then there’s THE CREW—my elite bookworms, my superstars, the apple of my eye…all right, you get the picture. Basically, I appreciate the Review Crew too much to be healthy—to the point where I might start petting and calling you My Precious. As a member of the crew, be prepared to be spoiled rotten with early access and exclusive content!



What is the

Review Crew?


In a nutshell, the Review Crew gets perks like early access to fresh releases and steep discounts (99 cents - free) for every new book! All in exchange for honest reviews. Seriously, that's pretty much it.

The Perks


That's right, you will receive a digital review copy before any new book is published. Sometimes up to a month in advance! You'll even see the book covers before they are revealed to the public.


When a new release is ready to go live, I'll email you about a secret launch where the Review Crew gets a special opportunity to buy the book for free-99 cents!


The Crew gets their own facebook group where members can interact with each other and myself. Here's a list of some of the fun things we do in the FB group: polls, help decide what I should write next, help pick between graphics/book covers, score a spot on the dedications section of a book(s),  games, etc...


This may seem unimpressive since you'll be getting ALL my new fiction, however, the digital version of this title isn't available to the general public. And it never will be.


What's Expected from Crew Members

  • To post your honest reviews on AMAZON and GOODREADS. One day I may pull my exclusivity contract with amazon, at which point I may ask you to post your review on other retailers, but that certainly won't be mandatory.


  • For books with the secret 99 cent discount day, you must purchase your copy within that time frame. IF YOU MISS THE SECRET REVIEW DISCOUNT DAY(S) it's your responsibility to purchase the book on your own. This is by the honor system considering you will already have access to the book by this point.


  • Do not share any advance reader copies with anyone. That includes torrent sites. Breaking my trust by violating this rule will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from The Crew. And just a heads up, each ARC has a unique identifier--meaning I'll know who is responsible for a leak. So don't be that guy.


  • ***NO SPOILERS in your review please.***


  • You must disclose somewhere in your review: "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book."


  • OPTIONAL: I'd really love it if you helped spread the word about my stories. At the end of some emails, I may tag on a request for some social media love via a small task (i.e. liking or sharing a specific facebook post)


Keep in Mind

  • THERE WILL BE PURGING. The email and book services I use to deliver the stories can get expensive. So if you aren't holding up your end of the deal or abusing the system in some way--I'm the one that pays for it. Literally. I have no qualms about sacrificing a branch to keep the tree alive.


  • In order to be eligible to apply to the Review Crew, you must be familiar with my work + have at least one review of one of my books. A direct link to your review of an XK book is required. Currently, the only place you can review is Goodreads.



Wanna Join the Crew?



I have a different device than a kindle, can I still read your books?

Hell yeah you can! In fact, since I plan on publishing exclusively with Amazon for my X.KOVAK titles, the Review Crew is the best way to get my books onto your non-kindle device.

 I send out advance review copies via bookfunnel—meaning your book will basically be delivered to whatever device you have. You don’t necessarily need to know how to sideload a book. It’s that simple :)


What is an example of a good Review Link?

Please read this guide.


I don’t know how to leave a review on Goodreads. Please help?

Here’s a short youtube video that should help you out.



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